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HCX(HK) Technology Company Ltd.
Add.: 12I,JINFENGHAOTING Building XINAN Street ,

Baoan 26 District , Shenzhen, China

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Company Profile

HCX(HK)technology is a high-tech enterprises in China,We are committed to R & D and production and sales of PMOLED.And continuous innovation, improve the quality of the products.Has won many customers at home and abroad.PMOLED as a new generation of display technology has been more and more customers agree.


  • High contrast ratio ratio (10000:1)
  • Free viewing angle     >160°
  • Fast response time      <10μS
  • Thinner & lighter & durable
  • Wide operation temperature  (-40℃ ~85℃)
  • No need of backlight,self emitting
  • Apply to most products from any area.

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